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We work closely with the client and coordinate closely with other professionals involved for a seamless event.

802 Event Group is the creation of Nick Stryker.   When Nick was a teenager, a friend asked him to play “DJ” at a birthday party- and as he spun the tunes, watching his friends dance and have a good time, he realized that was something he was born to do. Professionalism, planning, and flawless execution are all important to Nick, but, at the end of the day, he says he does it for one simple reason:  “I just want people to have a good time.”

In over a dozen years in the business, Nick learned from the best, and he developed some pretty clear ideas on how to make a party happen.

First and foremost, it takes planning ahead of time.  Nick works with all of his clients to discover just what they envision for their dance, reception, or party, and then he works to make that happen.   Not only will 802 Event Group work closely with the client, but they will also coordinate closely with other professionals working on the event, both before and during, to make sure that things come off as flawlessly as possible.

Our Team

The crew at 802 Event Group is also prepared: we’ve worked just about every major wedding venue in Vermont, and we’ve been to a lot you’ve never heard of.  That means that we know we’ll need extra power cables if we’re in a particular church, and we understand that we might have to bring in extra speakers to get around the acoustics at that banquet hall.

Master of Ceremonies

As Nick grew in the business he learned that playing master of ceremonies is a fine art. At times, you need to be able to hold the attention of the crowd, to make announcements, or give directions.  But he knows that the event should never be about the DJ.  This party is for you, to celebrate your achievements, and the focus must always be on you, and on your guests.

At 802 Event Group, we’ve gathered a group of DJs who understand all this, and who, more than anything else, just want you and your guests to have a good time.

We look forward to working with you!

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